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My Story

I have quite a journey that got me here today, but to spare you the details for now, my college degree almost turned out to be void of merit for my future at a time in my life when things looked very dim. But with some divine help, I was able to take back what the enemy of this world had set out to steel that was most precious to me - my talent.

In short, it took me to go from Canada to Memphis TN for 9 years to get back on track and find my defining purpose in life and back to my roots in Québec, Canada.

Although, becoming a Christian and sharing my faith is the ultimate reason for living, I thank all those who helped me along the way, for I am grateful and truly hope to be an instrument of goodness in the industry I can contribute to.

Art has always been part of my life, and this is where I like excel. Graphic dezign in definitely one of the avenues that offers limitless possibilities, and is so not limited to - considering all that branches out of the word ART.


Nart Photo.jpg

For what became of a my family life, I will say, it's not conventional, but if it works, show must go on as they say. My oldest son Elijah was born in Memphis USA and so has stayed with the (Christian) family I made there. But looks like he's on his way for the Big league in the NFL! He's a precious gem to watch him grow!

Eliajh Mode Ib.jpg
Eliajh & Tracy II.jpg
ELIJAH Poster sm.jpg
Michael 2021.jpg
Gabriel 2021.jpg

I also have a set of twins Michael & Gabriel that are living with their adoptive parents in Virginia USA. I tell you, these are great wonders to say that my peace is knowing that we're only on this earth like travelers, and we'll see those we have to leave behind when we move to our heavenly home.

And now, living in a beautiful home with my husband Alain, whom I met at the church I take part in rending my services. Being well surrounded with nature in the woods, where we are operating a small business online where we sell Nautical handcrafted home décor items. Fee free to take a look (See Vision Anchored.)


All to say that, what is best is always yet to come. May this inspire you, as I am here to serve in the best way possible! Keeping in mind my motto of the 3Ds truly applies to all I do :

VANC - Photo Shoot II.jpg
VANC - Profile Etsy (wht).jpg

It all comes down to this:

"Whatever you find to do with your hands, do it with all your might."
Ecclesiastes 9:10

Its a great privilege to be share this with you! 

Thank you & God bless!

"With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible." - Mark 10:27

I have received a manifestation from God in August 2001, and there were certain aspects of this manifestation that pulled my attention in a way that was most particular...

Also Sprach Zarathustra

I then got on my knees, with an overwhelming sense of relief and simply cried out “Ok God, you got me here, now what do you need me for?” That’s when things got supernatural! Music came to me, from the sky!!!

NartANC Woods Fog III.jpg


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