Asset achiever to make fusions of the old and the new in an ever-changing marketplace. Engaging every production of visual materials to meet the goals they are intended for with precision and meticulousness. Highly proficient and purposely driven in the operations of the graphic design industry on many digital or alternate formats. However minimal or complex the challenges may be, the pursuit is foremost to accomplish innovative, valuable, unique & artistic branding designs, thus with research, collaboration, and leadership for complete productions from the drawing board to finalization in the printing or diverse platforms to better serve the client’s demands - again, with mastery qualifications to reveal continual success.



Finding the right media for your goals, the right design for your professional branding or self-presentation, the right capture for your audience... All is a matter of how the feather flows, but how skilled is the one holding the quill? The expertise I offer is one of singularity, precision and made to reflect the true value of your requests.

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Mayo, Quebec




@2016 Nadia Fauteux Artist & Dezigner

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