Église Nouvelle Alliance

As member of the church, I help provide to the marketing venues of any events and withstand the branding throughout the bulletins and the website with monthly updates as well as other the printed media for the soul purpose of bringing people to Christ and join the fellowship.



living for christ

For 9 years, working alongside Director Bishop Robert Burnett, Jr in Memphis TN, USA, at Living For Christ Ministries was truly an honor and not for the faint hearted. Under one ministry, I am the initiate for the branding of the 5 branches of the ministry, also creative director for all promotional productions in printing, photography, videography, and other digital media. This, while fulfilling the co-ordination for every events, fundraising, celebrations and up-keeps and supervising the in-house staff team for the daily duties of the shelter.

The experience acquired by being assistant-director and the qualifications I would bring, by including my expertise in another company, are of great skills to accomplish what is required and beyond with order and leadership. The ability of multitasking and establishing organized procedures were quite essential while my role consisted of overseeing many areas of the ministry, but the sole purpose of my position was indeed to develop marketing strategies including full management of each production, independently or with colleagues to better the living of the less fortunate people that came to live there, on every levels.




VAnc - LAUNCHING (Millestone) FB.jpg

ANChored in Christ

Un grand voilier est ce que Jésus nous a donner pour enfin pourvoir
larguer les amares de la rive où ont a longé sans l'un de l'autre trop longtemps...

Alors voilà, a notre tour, on vous fait de belles vagues ~~~ d'amour!




For something to capture the eye of an artist, something evidently special is happening there, but it may not look special another. Do I call myself as such - an aritst? Wel yes, I would confirm it with what Bob Ross says - "if you put your mind to it, anyone can do it!" I may think that a sprinkle of that blend does get a bit more on some than others...

Well when you find at a young age, that you have an aptitude for catching the details on paper, a little more acute than most, this must be a sign that talents reside there.... My mother is a self-thought & pure artist | somehow I do believe that something has been passed on through a very fortunate inheritance... I thank her dearly for giving me some of the essential basics of what makes a great artist; patience - lots of it, a keen eye for details, and the will to create.

I will add this note, because it is foremost, the sure reason I have this gift, and that is to giving thanks to God for lending a spark of this ."know how" for my time on this rolling earth...


let's talk

Mayo, Quebec




@2016 Nadia Fauteux Artist & Dezigner

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